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Kirkwall: 01856 873403

Harray: 01856 771444

Stromness: 01856 873403

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Your reliable cattle breeding service

Orkney Cattle Breeding Services has been a long standing service for the farmers of Orkney in both the beef and dairy sectors. Northvet bought the OCBS business from the previous owner back in May 2017.

We offer the following services:

  • Artificial Insemination 7 days a week AM & PM
  • Liquid nitrogen tank top ups for DIY farms
  • Straw storage
  • Synchronisation programmes to suit both beef and dairy sectors
  • Breeding advice

Artificial Insemination


Artificial insemination is becoming more and more popular amongst farmers due to the many benefits it comes with. Already the majority of dairy herds use artificial insemination and in recent years the beef sector are starting to see the benefits.

These include the following:

  • Improved genetic and production gain through the access to high merit bulls
  • Ability to breed replacements through the use of sexed semen
  • Decrease in calving problems through selection of appropriate bulls
  • More control over disease which could be spread through bulls
    Decreases the chance of injury to the heifer/cow being bred but also to the bull
  • Decreases chance of injury to farmer/workers by not having to handle bulls
  • Saves on space especially at housing
  • Can help achieve a more uniform herd
  • Overall can work out cheaper than keeping bulls!

How the service works

For people requiring AI morning service please phone the OCBS mobile either the night before or by 10am of that morning. If you require the afternoon service please phone either in the morning or by 1pm of that afternoon. There is a voicemail where a message can be left if no one answers the phone. Alternatively the main office can be contacted.

We also have a Facebook page where we keep people updated on new bulls, general information, competitions and photos of progeny being born on the island.

Contact Details

OCBS mobile – 07854 234293

Kirkwall Office – 01856 873403

Harray Office – 01856 771444

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