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Newborn calf - Losses at calving time

Losses at calving time

Calf losses during calving time represent a massive loss of future income. In an ideal situation these losses should occur in less than 2% of the breeding herd. In Orkney, from Northvet records, these losses appear to be much higher than the national average at 4.5%, for unknown reasons.

Dead calves, including abortions, still births or calves dying in the first few days of life, come at a significant cost to the farm. Although these may be a one off, they may also be the start of an ongoing problem and we strongly advise that any perinatal death is investigated.

We now have a vet trained in perinatal pathology and we are able to perform post mortem examinations on these calves at our Harray surgery. By performing these investigations here, it avoids time delays in delivery to the lab, improving diagnostic outcomes. 

Benefits of these investigations include prevention of further losses and reassurance that the cause is not related to other on farm deaths

Should you incur any perinatal losses on the farm this spring, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange further investigation

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