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Northvet recommend neutering all animals which are not going to be used for breeding

Points to think about before breeding :

  1. Is your pet suitable? Some dogs need to be hip scored and eye tested.
  2. Is there a suitable mate available who has had all the relevant health tests?
  3. Do you have time for a pregnant animal and the subsequent litter?
  4. Are you prepared if things don\’t go according to plan?
  5. Not all pregnancies and births are straightforward.
  6. Are you going to be able to find suitable homes for the whole litter, and would you be prepared to take a puppy or kitten back if things don\’t work out in their new home.

If you do decide to breed we still recommend neutering afterwards.

Litter of kittens

Did you know…

An un-neutered female cat could be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just 5 years!

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