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Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Did you know that rabbits are now the third most popular pet in the UK?

Thankfully, they have come a long way from being the childs pet that lived in a small hutch at the bottom of the garden.

Advances in veterinary medicine and an increased awareness of rabbit health and wellbeing mean our bunnies are living longer, healthier, happier lives.



One of the most important aspects of caring for our rabbits is to provide the correct diet.

At least 75% of the diet should consist of roughage such as good quality hay. Rabbits are natural grazers and their digestive system is designed to accept a constant trickle of food. Also, high fibre diets help to wear down the teeth and nibbling hay reduces boredom.

A selection of leafy greens and vegetables are important but avoid too much fruit as it contains a lot of sugar and may lead to obesity.

Finally, pelleted food should be fed sparingly, approximately 2 tablespoons per day is enough for an average rabbit. Over feeding of pellets can also lead to obesity.

Care should be taken if feeding a cereal mix diet as some rabbits may be selective about which bits they eat. An all in one pellet is better.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are very social animals and should be kept in same sex groups or in groups where the male has been neutered. People often keep them along with rabbits however, this is not always a good idea as they can be bullied and they require a different diet.


A guinea pigs diet should be made up of 80% hay. Guinea pigs lack the enzyme to make vitamin C so they must have it in their diet every day.

A commercial guinea pig pellet should be given along with a selection of vegetables and fruit. As fruit is high in sugar care should be taken that your guinea pig doesn’t get fat!

Vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy, weight loss, weakness and swollen joints so it is very important to provide the correct diet.

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