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Farmskills Taught by LANTRA approved instructors

What is FarmSkills?

FarmSkills is an agricultural training programme run by XLVets Training Services which first started in 2009. It was increasingly recognised that there was a demand for the teaching of practical skills to people engaged in the livestock sector of farming. We at Northvet, as part of the XLVets group, are able to offer a range of courses.

FarmSkills courses are designed to put the farmer first, finding out what you know now and what you would like to know to improve your business. The topics covered are varied and very much demand led so please let us know if there are any particular areas you would like us to cover.

The courses are taught by our vets who themselves have undergone training to become LANTRA approved instructors. The courses are designed for small groups of 4-8 people so there are plenty of opportunities for people to take part in the practical sessions. They are open to everyone and are held at our training centre in Harray or on farm as appropriate. We run both full and half day courses.

FarmSkills Courses

We don’t have any courses running at the moment. Keep an eye on our social media for pending dates.

Course Fees

Full day  (10.00am – 3.00pm) – £80.00 + VAT

Half Day (10.00am – 1.00pm) – £40.00 + VAT

Refreshments and/or lunch will be provided. 

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